Dream line

48cm x 97cm – Sculpted acrylic & resin on wood panel with black frame – £450


60cmcm x 60cm – Acrylic and resin on wood panel -Joyfull has a sculpted centre area which catches the light. – £425

Tide flow

64cm x 104cm – Acrylic & resin on sculpted wood base substrait with black frame – £775

Wall columns

Each column is a different length & thickness the widths are the same. 114cm x 40cm x 55cm 107cm x 50cm x 55cm 122cm x 65cm x 55cm Acrylic & resin on wood panels This is a set of 3 panels – £785


60cm x 60cm – Acrylic & resin on wood panel with sculpted crystals. Part of my Geod collection- £695