Meet the artist

Martin was born in Sussex and has a great love for Fife,  Scotland, where his family have lived for generations. They have been associated with deep sea fishing for generations.  His summer holidays were spent playing on the beaches, surrounded by the volcanic rock formations that are characteristic of the area.  These colours and textures have a huge influence on his work today. The sea is never far from his thoughts and is reflected in his art.

He went to Art college in Worthing, in the 1960’s, to study graphic design. He ran the art Studio in the Brighton, Evening Argus for 20 years before starting his own graphic design business.

When he sold his graphic design  business his creativity evolved and changed once again. This led him to develop his own style and technique which makes each piece of artwork unique.  His work is vibrant and colourful, tactile and sensory, full of texture and imagination and begs to be touched. He works with acrylics, resin and other materials and are created on wooden substraits or aluminium.

Martin’s work is about texture and colour and reflections of light and emotion. His work is guided by the movement of the paint in the same way as nature forges the landscape, using a combination of time, heat and energy. He wants to excite and stimulate people with his art,  he does not want to tell people the meaning of his art but rather inspire and excite their emotions to see what they imagine for themselves.

Martin undertakes commissions and will work with clients to create a piece of bespoke art to suit their colour schemes and the lifestyle they are creating. No deposits are required and there is no charge if the artwork is not what was imagined, it will just go into his portfolio.